Reduce Your Carbon Paw Print | Kitty Litter Edition!

Cats can make a lot of waste, especially when it comes to their litter boxes!

This post outlines what I came up with for our fur babies over a year ago. I can’t see us going back because of all the benefits.

Other than the environmental impact, there is zero smell when it comes to this set up. The cats seem happier with it too.

Veterinarians recommend that you buy a new plastic liter box every year. To me, that’s a lot of plastic. Besides, the plastic absorbs a lot of odors. I think that’s why everyone’s cat box smells even if they scoop it everyday…the plastic litter box.

The solution I can up with doesn’t absorb odor and it’s 100% reusable. You’ll never need to buy a new box….

I use a large stainless steel, 6″ deep, full size steamer tray pan. The kind used in buffets. These are wide and deep enough for cats to use. There are stainless steel cat litter pans, but they cost twice as much as a steamer pan. The brand I have is called Update International.

I don’t use a liner. You don’t even need a bio-degradable liner. The cats just rip through them anyway. When a do a full litter change, I just scrub the box in very hot, soapy water. I do this in the bath tub as we don’t have a slop sink. I always clean the box out right before I clean the bath tub, so it works out. Then, just dry the box off and refill with fresh litter.

To scoop the box I use a metal scoop. Mine is called DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop. It gets an occasional wash.

When I scoop the boxes each day, instead of a trashcan or litter genie, I use a 4 gallon steel pail with a locking lid. The brand is Behrens. It locks, so you don’t smell anything. I take this out to the dumpster every couple of days. No liner here either. I wash it just like the boxes once a week. You could use any medium to large sized container that is washable and won’t absorb odors-just be sure it’s a container you want to dedicate to this purpose.

Last, I use sWheat Scoop cat litter. It’s made from 100% wheat and is biodegradable. You can even flush it down the toilet but I haven’t tested that out yet. It just doesn’t seam like a good idea, even without clay. I also buy the size that comes in a paper bag. I just pop the empty bags in the recycling.

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