Arbor Teas|First Impressions

First, I have to say that this post is NOT sponsored. In an effort to further reduce the amount of waste we make, I decided to switch to loose leaf tea. But the only way it becomes zero waste or low waste is if it comes in sustainable packaging. You can also buy tea from a bulk store. However, the nearest bulk store to me is 45 minutes away, one way. Plus, they don’t have much in the way of selection other than the standard black and green.

Loose leaf tea can be composted. However, tea bags are not always compostable as most of them are actually made from plastic!

I finally committed to making the change from bag to box this year and started my search.

I found it! Arbor Teas. They have a large selection of organic and fair trade teas (other requirements of mine) plus their packaging is backyard compostable.

I ordered a few things on Wednesday morning and it arrived Friday afternoon. My package came complete with a lovely handwritten note!

At checkout, there is an option to leave a note and I used this space to ask if my items could be shipped without plastic, and to my surprise they actually honored this request! I’m not sure if this is a normal practice or not, but I know they use recycled materials for shipping.

All weekend, we’ve been in tea heaven! I haven’t tried all the teas yet, but I haven’t been disappointed by any of the teas that I’ve tried. They are all really, really good.

Here is more info about the company…

They only downside so far is that they don’t seem to offer Echinacea tea- a flu and cold staple in the “Crouse House”. It’s hard to tell from the pictures but the labels are paper, they are not plastic coated.

This was definitely a great find and I’ll order again when we are running low!

4 responses to “Arbor Teas|First Impressions”

  1. Absolutely, I’ll check it out.

  2. I saw the spearmint tea! Such a great tea! I just posted a craft I made, a fabric tray to organize my teas! You should check it out haha maybe you would like to make one for your teas 🙂

  3. It’s amazing! So worth it!! I’m making a cup of spearmint right now!

  4. Looks great! Have to try this tea! Enjoy! ☕️🙂

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