The Lunacy Oracle is Now Available!

If you follow my illustration website, you will have seen my posts about the Oracle deck I created. You can now purchase it here. The decks are made to order, so it might take a little extra time but MTO items help cut down on waste! I’ll make a flip through video soon!

The Lunacy Oracle is inspired by lunar phases and folklore. It can be used as both an Oracle and journaling deck. No booklet is included, rather a set of 30 meaning cards have been included. This is so that you can lay out the meanings with the cards on a flat surface, making it easier to journal at the same time! On each meaning cards, you will find my interpretations as well as journal questions. The journal questions promote reflection, self-discovery and healing. Draw one card, take your time to reflect on how that card fits into your life at their time and any advice it’s trying to give up. You can also use this deck in any classic tarot spread. Feel free to create your own spread! 60 cards.

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