Día de Muertos Wreath

Día de Muertos is my favorite holiday and October is my favorite month! I truly believe that until you respect death, you can’t learn to live. Cultures that celebrate death also seam to have the greatest respect for life and all living beings.

I’m getting ready to celebrate by making a paper marigold wreath. Marigolds are believed to guide the spirits of loved ones back to the living family. If you haven’t seen Coco, this theme is very big. It’s a great movie!

Both paper and fresh marigolds are used throughout the celebration for Día de Muertos. So, I thought a wreath would be a good place to showcase paper marigolds! Paper flowers maybe a good alternative to plastic flowers when real flowers aren’t available or an option. I’ve chosen orange as I always think of October’s color as orange. Orange is an important color for Día de Muertos. It’s symbolistic of the sun and represents life. Have gratitude for your life and health.

You can find plenty of YouTube tutorials on how to make paper marigolds. I just attached the marigolds to a 14” gold wreath hoop. I didn’t go all the way around, I thought a crescent moon shape would be a fun touch for the season. Plus it fits the more minimalist vibe I like. I used nearly a whole roll of orange crepe streamer paper. I have enough left over to make a couple more flowers. Perhaps I will make a couple to stick in a vase.

To prevent the wreath from sliding around at a funny angle, I put a c unpleasant dots of hot glue on the hoop where it contacts the wreath holder.

2 responses to “Día de Muertos Wreath”

  1. Thanks so much!

  2. This is really pretty!

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