Today, I sat for the National End -of- Life Doula Alliance Core Competencies Exam and I PASSED! I’m officially “NEDA Proficient” meaning I have a wide but deep skill set that allows me to serve as a competent End-Of-Life Doula!

Here is my Proficiency badge:

Here’s a press release they sent me:


For Immediate Release 

Date: February 3, 2021  

Contact: Glenda Walsh Crouse  

Local Provider Receives Proficiency Badge from the  
National End-of-Life Doula Alliance   

Westminster, Maryland— Glenda Walsh Crouse, CEOLD is proud to announce that on February 3, 2021 she has earned a Proficiency Badge from the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA). End-of-life doulas are trained, non-medical caregivers who provide holistic, personalized care to dying individuals and their families.  Their services include community resources, education, emotional support, and household assistance. By earning the Proficiency Badge, Glenda, has demonstrated understanding in four broad areas of competency: communication, ethics, values, and professionalism.   

In addition to earning her NEDA Proficiency credentials, Glenda is a Certified End- Of- Life Doula and received her training and certification from the Robert Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont’s End-Of- Life Doula Program. In addition to her work in the Death Positivity movement, Glenda is a Clinical Musician, Modern Medicine Woman and Suzuki Violin Teacher.  

“Interest in end-of-life doulas has increased greatly in the last few years,” states founding member and current NEDA president Merilynne Rush, MSHP, RN, BSN. Until now, there has been no consistency in definition or guidelines of practice. “The consistency that NEDA offers through the Proficiency Assessment process is greatly needed,” states Rush. “Families who are utilizing end-of-life doulas, and healthcare providers who are referring to them, will have confidence in the knowledge of those who earn the NEDA Proficiency Badge.”  

NEDA welcomes all practicing end-of-life doulas, trainers, and other interested parties to become involved in their various learning and networking initiatives. NEDA is the only membership organization that provides a ‘big tent’ for all concerned to come together and help this new profession grow. The new Proficiency Assessment establishes a strong foundation of knowledge, integrity, and skill in the field. To learn more about Glenda, please visit For more information about NEDA, visit, or 

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