Grief Care Services

I offer Grief Care Services after the death of a loved one, human or furry family member. I welcome people who are grieving due to suicide, drug overdose, miscarriage and abortion and other stigmatized loss. 

Sometimes it’s hard to keep talking about your loved one’s passing to close friends and family. It feels like they get tired of hearing you talk about it. Sometimes, you don’t have anyone to talk to. 

As a Grief Doula, I lend an outside, non-judgmental ear and support you in your grief process. I’m always happy to listen! 

Booking appointment’s can be helpful on difficult days such as your loved one’s birthday, a holiday or an anniversary. Referrals to a grief counselor will be offered if necessary.

Grief Care services are free and donations are welcome. If appointment is held in your location there is a small $5 travel fee.

  • 45 minute appointments.
  • A confidential listening ear for grief care check-in.
  • I’m trained to listen to others compassionately and will offer some extra support during the grief journey.
  • Appointments offered via zoom, FaceTime, phone or in-person. In person appointments are held in my office or at your location (only for individuals who can’t travel)

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