Mission. Vision. Values (Death Doula)


I am committed to serving Carroll County by bringing deeper meaning and greater comfort to individuals (and their loved ones) throughout the dying process. I am here to serve and honor all wishes and to provide education for those interested in the death and dying process.


  • To provide death education to the community.
  • Everyone who wants a doula has access to one.
  • To provide supportive services at the end of life so that individuals who want to die at home can do so.
  • To be a voice and advocate for “good death” visions and plans of dying individuals.
  • To change death culture and remove the stigma that surrounds death.
  • To offer a refuge for individuals dealing with a stigmatized death or disenfranchised grief such as: miscarriage, death of child, loss from HIV/AIDS, loss from addiction, loss from suicide, loss of a LBGTQ+ individual or death of a furry family member (pet).
  • To serve as a guide in the funeral planning process to make sure wishes are honored and individuals are not taken advantage of by traditional funerary practices.


  • Death is a natural part of life and is part of the human experience.
  • Humans are multidimensional, therefore, I believe in a holistic and integrative approach to death care. Blending holistic, alternative and modern/traditional models offers a balanced approach. I like to blend to positive aspects of various models of care.
  • I believe is important to keep all options open to realize, meet and honor all wishes of individuals and families.
  • Death touches everyone. Therefore, everyone should have access to end of life care and help with grief processing. There should be zero barriers to receiving care.
  • It’s never to early to plan and it’s never to late to process grief.
  • It’s important to support everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, abilities, personal beliefs, values, spirituality and religion.
  • I believe that all living beings are entitled to a good death and a good death is different for everyone.
  • I believe a “good death” is what an individual says it is. I believe a good death also accounts for or has a plan to meet emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs of the dying and their loved ones. We honor the dead and dying by honoring their personal vision of a good death.
  • I support your vision whether you find comfort in traditional funerary practices or if you you opt for a home funeral and green burial/disposition.
  • I believe the Doulas role is to be a steady and supportive foundation; a comforting presence; a knowledgeable resource and an open space of non-judgment.
  • A Doulas services are not limited to the dying. I offer services for those in transition and for families and friends processing grief before, during and after death of a loved one (including your furry family members).
  • Compassion. Comfort. Healing. Dignity.


Through donations I am able to offer supplies and materials at little to no cost for humans in need. Candles for vigils, supplies for home funerals and memory making for memorial services. For my time recording therapeutic music for humans in need of healing. For my time to record free educational videos. Our community greatly appreciates your contributions. I am not a non-profit, therefore your donations are not tax deductible. However, donations provide items needed to individuals who are not able to pay for services.