Clinical Musician Services

Therapeutic music session are suitable for individuals at any stage of health, life or consciousness. Patients are not active during sessions, rather they simply enjoy and benefit.

While group sessions can be beneficial, patients see the most benefit from individual sessions. This is because I can tailor the music to specific needs of the patient. Sessions typically last 15-20 minutes but can last up to three hours for patients who are actively dying. During the session patients may release emotion through crying, laughing or sharing stories of past memories that the music invokes. Some patients sing a long or fall asleep.

I am fully vaccinated against COIVD -19 and meet vaccination and health screening standards set by most hospitals. I would be happy to provide my vaccination and TB records to medical facilities, institutions and Hospice organizations. I am happy to comply with your organization’s health and training requirements as well as providing information needed to complete a background check.

Medical Facilities & Hospice Organizations

 I work with institutions via contract/salary. $60 per hour and $90 per on-call hour.

A regular schedule is set for days that I’m available in your facility. I check in with nursing staff to see which patients on the census have requested a therapeutic music session or that could benefit from a session. I can see a maximum of 3 individual patients in one hour, allotting 20 minutes per session. I would be happy to remain in your facility for the day but will require a 30 minute break following each two-hour time slot of therapeutic sessions. This prevents injury due to the physical nature of my work.

I’m available for on call for emergencies and actively dying patients.

Private Patients

$60 per session in my office. $ 90 per session in your location if total travel time is 30 minutes or less. Additional travel fee will be calculated for travel time over 30 minutes.

I work with private patients in their home, my office and in medical facilities in which I have been granted permissions. Long term patients can choose to set a regular schedule (e.g every Wednesday morning at 10 am). Payment is due at the time of booking the appointment(s).

Sessions last from 20 minutes to one hour, based on the need and desire of the patient.

Vigils for Actively Dying


I play music specific to patients who are actively dying. This type of music helps to ease the transition and create a calm, relaxed environment. Session is 3 hours total. I will take up to 3 short breaks to prevent physical injury during the session. I also offer to perform one piece at the funeral or memorial service.

Vigils are held patients homes, and in medical facilities in which I have been granted permissions. Payment is due at the time of booking the appointment.