Death Doula


A Death Doulas work typically involves 3 phases:
  1. Education and Planning
  2. Respite Care, Vigil sitting & Death Care
  3. Grief & Memorial Care

Individuals may pick and choose from a doulas offerings to best suit their needs. See the services page for exact fees.


Education and Planning
  • Education regarding end of life topics:
    • Disposition options
      • Green or traditional
    • Dying process
    • Home funerals, if desired.
    • Funeral Law
    • What do I do immediately after the death?
  • Planning:
    • Advanced Care
      • Health Care choices
        • Advanced directives
        • DNR
        • MOLST
    • Final Wishes planning
      • Vigil planning
      • Home funeral, if desired
      • Green burial education, if desired
      • Disposition options
      • Funeral/ Memorial service
  • Life review
  • Legacy projects
    • to be completed by the dying individual
  • Completing “bucket list items”


Respite care, Vigil sitting & Death Care
  • Respite Care
    • Care for dying individuals and their families
      • in the months/weeks leading up to death
      • Companioning/visiting
      • Use of Therapeutic modalities, if desired.(Music, Reiki)
    • Helping with daily tasks
      • Organizing schedules
      • Light house keeping
      • Grocery shopping
      • Running errands
  • Preparing for transition (death):
    • Mentally, emotionally, spiritually
    • Continue to complete legacy projects
    • Continue to complete “bucket list”
    • Anticipatory grief care
    • For dying individual, family & friends
  • Vigil
    • Sitting bedside during the actively dying process
      • or offering support via phone or ZOOM
    • Use of Therapeutic modalities, if desired (Music, Reiki)
  • Home funeral support (if doula is also a home funeral guide)
    • After death body care
  • What do I do immediately after death?
    • Doula’s guide on who to contact
    • What are the next steps?
    • How to get a death certificate?
    • What do I do about accounts and insurance?


Grief & Memorial Care
  • Grief Care
    • for family members up to one year and a day after death
    • Listening line for difficult days
    • Check in’s with grief process
    • Tools to help process grief
    • Respite care
  • Legacy Projects
    • Doula completes remaining legacy projects for the deceased
    • Helps family members create their own projects
  • Memorial/ Celebration of Life Services


Through donations I am able to offer supplies and materials for humans in need for little to no cost. Candles for vigils, supplies for home funerals and memory making memorial services. For my time to record therapeutic music for those in need of healing. For my time to record free educational videos. Our community greatly appreciates your contributions. I am not a non-profit, therefore your donations are not tax deductible. However, donations provide items needed to individuals who are not able to pay for services.