Memorial Art: Pricing & Ordering




Zoom Consulation

  • 4×4 canvas: $ 96
  • 6×6 canvas: $132
  • 8×8 canvas: $156
  • 10×10 canvas: $182
  • Pricing includes return shipping of your artwork.
  • Pricing does not include cost to ship Cremains to me. This is your responsibility.
  • If you select Priority Mail Express shipping instead of Priority mail: Shipping fee will increase by $26-$50 per piece.
  • International shipping costs TBD, email me for a quote.

  • Optional consultation. Consultations help family and friends describe their loved one in greater detail. Some folks just like to meet the artist. : )
  • 15 minute zoom consultation: $20


Payments are collected through online via Square.

You will receive an invoice via email. Payment must be received before I begin a painting.

Refunds are not offered.

Cremains Needed

Please do not send more than what is listed below:

  • 4×4 canvas: 1/2 teaspoon
  • 6×6 canvas: 1 teaspoon
  • 8×8 canvas: 1 tablespoon
  • 10×10 canvas: 2 tablespoons
  • Canvas sized in inches

If I don’t use all of the Cremains sent, I will scatter the remaining ashes in a respectful and legal manner.

How Can I Get A Painting?

Services are confidential.

Complete the form

Optional Zoom Consultation

Invoice & Payment

Mail cremains to me via USPS kit at your own expense.

Painting will be completed and mailed back to you. Return shipping is included in my fee.

If you give me permission, I will post a photo of your painting in my portfolio.

  1. Complete the form below (free). If you’d like to schedule an additional zoom consultation to discuss further information we can arrange one. Zoom consultations are 15 minutes and are an additional $20.
  2. After receipt of your form, I will email an invoice for payment. After payment is received you can mail your cremated remains.
  3. Order a FREE kit from the USPS. Or, visit your post office. More information can be found here. Cremains can not be shipped with any other service. I am not responsible or liable for Cremains that are lost in the mail if you try to send them by another method.
  4. Follow the directions in the kit to ship the Cremains. My address will be provided after payment is received. Cost of services does not include shipping costs to send Cremains to me. You’re responsible for getting the package to me.
  5. Painting will be complete 7-10 days after receipt of Cremains. See covid update above.
  6. Paintings will be return shipped to you via Priority mail with insurance and signature conformation. (shipping cost included in my services fee). Priority Mail Express is an option for return shipping but will cost an additional fee.
  7. My services are confidential, your information will not be shared unless you allow me to add a photo of your piece to my portfolio.
  8. If you have any questions email me.

Request for a Memorial Art Piece Form:

If completing this form is too overwhelming, let’s set up the zoom consultation. Email me to schedule.

Color Guide . Please use exact color names given under each color.