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Lavender & Pine End-of-Life Services

Free Consultations

Our journey begins with a free meeting. As a Death Doula, I listen to understand your needs and then we form a plan. I help individuals work through death anxiety and create an end-of-life plan that brings peace, dignity and comfort. I work to meet the spiritual, emotional, relational, physical and mental needs of individuals. While most individuals I support are receiving hospice or palliative care, you can be at any stage of your life to begin your death plan or to work through your fears of dying.

I work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, including furry family members. Meetings are non-judgmental and non-sectarian. All religious and spiritual paths are respected.

Sliding scale payment system. No one is turned away due to financial circumstances.

In-person & virtual services available for clients in Carroll County, MD. Services for non-locals can be held via phone, Zoom and FaceTime. Please email or call to book your free meeting.

Lavender & Pine Namesake

Lavender & Pine are two plants that have been long used in our death rites and rituals. Ancient Egyptians used lavender in mummification rites.

Lavender is symbolic of grace, devotion, serenity, calm, respect, humility and healing (qualities I uphold in my end-of-life work).

Pine is symbolic of wisdom, longevity and peace. Evergreens symbolize the eternal nature of soul. Pine is the historical wood of choice for coffins as it decomposes at the same rate as the body. Using pine branches creates a soft bed for a cozy rest and the color is lovey all year.

Interestingly, when lavender and pine oils are blended together, they create a calming and uplifting aroma. I offer this essential oil blend during my visits.

Glenda Walsh Crouse, CEOLD, CM, RT

Graduate of  UVM  Larner College of Medicine End-of-Life Doula Program. NEDA Proficient. 

I completed my training and certification through the Robert Larner College of Medicine (University of Vermont) End -of -Life Doula Program. I am also NEDA Proficient and have earned my Proficiency micro-credentials by demonstrating understanding, excellency and competency of standardized core skills required for Death Midwifery practice. 

In addition to end of life work, I am a Clinical Musician, Reiki Therapist, Medicine Woman and Suzuki Violin Teacher. I also read and teach Tarot!

Education, Planning & Death Anxiety

What will happen to your body? Who will make medical or financial decisions if you can’t? Do you want to donate your organs? Do you have to be embalmed? What is dying like? What do you want for your funeral? Are there final rites to honor? Who can you depend on to carry out your wishes? What will happen to the people you take care of. Will you die alone? What disposition option should you choose if you’re afraid of bugs? There are so many questions regarding end of life, I will answer your questions truthfully and lighten your anxiety. I can help you explore your death anxiety to get to the root of your fear; bringing peace of mind.

Daily Support & Respite Care

I provide primary caregivers with rest and I offer care for individuals who don’t have a support system. I organize daily tasks, care schedules and update extended family & friends. I organize and coordinate additional help for home cleaning, bathing and other services. Having an organized system prevents wasting precious time. During visits, I help also help individuals with legacy projects, provide companionship and provided services like Reiki and Therapeutic Music.

Vigil Sitting & Transition Support

Together, we plan what your final days and moments will look like. What beliefs should be honored? What environment brings you comfort? I’m available to accompany those who don’t have support systems, so no one dies alone. Your personal religious or spiritual beliefs and rites will be honored. For those that request it, I can create a sacred space and anoint the dying with sacred oils in the last days and moments. Oils historically used are olive, myrrh, spikenard, ravensara and rose. In the final days and moments I can also provide Reiki and Therapeutic Music to ease transition.

Home Funerals & Body Care

Many people would prefer to die and home, cared for by loved ones. Home funerals are legal in Maryland. So, yes this is possible! I provide education & support for families who are interested in home funerals and/or natural & green burials. I’m happy to help you understand the legals and logistics in preparation for dying at home and how to care for a body post transition until time of disposition. Body care consists of cooling, feature setting, washing, dressing, anointing and shrouding by family members with my support and guidance. I’m also happy working with people who would like a traditional funeral.

Reiki & Therapeutic Music

As a Reiki Therapist & Clinical Musician (violin) I can provide comfort and support to family, caregivers, the critically ill and the dying. Sessions are offered at the bedside, in medical facilities, private homes and my office. I travel only to patients in medical facilities or those who are receiving hospice care at home. All other in-person appointments are held in my home office.

Grief Care & Memory Making

Grief is not something we outgrow and it’s not a process to be rushed. I provide grief care both before & following the transition of a loved one (including furry family members, miscarriages and abortions). Memory & meaning making helps to ease the sharpness of grief. I can help you find ways and projects to make meaning of death and to bring honor and reverence to loved ones.

Grief Care Listening Line

Sometimes it’s helpful to have an outsider listening in-especially —when it feels like everyone around you is exhausted from listening. I offer a free grief care listening line. If you feel like you could use a friendly ear, connect me with me. Appointments are 30 minutes long.

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