Medicine Woman Services

Dream Interpretation Guide

Dreams are messages for the individual and should be interpreted as such. Because dreams use symbolic language that’s meaningful to the dreamer; dream dictionaries often lead to confusion. Your own life events and experiences, cultures shape the meaning behind the symbols of your life, therefore interpretation cannot be a one size fits all. However, there are universal dreams and archetypes that all people experience regardless of culture and up brining. I will guide you in the process of interpreting your own dreams. Your first session is free.

Home Blessings

Using herbs, candles, crystals, sound and my own energy I clear negative, heavy energy and invite in the positive, uplifting energy. Great for moving into a new home, during/after an illness or other major life event and for when energy feels stagnant. We begin with a free consultation to discuss your needs and talk about the process. Information gathered in the consultation helps me to know what best methods & materials to use for your particular blessing.

Seed Bead Jewelry

I craft custom jewelry using seed beads and Native American beading/weaving techniques. Custom pieces can be crafted for your self adornment or as talismans. Visit my Facebook page to view the photo gallery of pieces available for sale or previously made for individuals. Contact me to purchase or to commission.

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