Tarot Card Readings

Readings are donation based, pay what you can! $5 to hold your appointment slot. After that, you pay what you want for the reading via tips at checkout. If you don’t know what to pay, most tarot readers charge between $25 and $50 per reading. However, if financial circumstances make that range out of your budget, no problem-just pay what you can.

Readings are currently offered through email and are confidential.

I offering readings for the querent only (that means you, the person requesting the reading.) I will not use cards to answer questions about other people in your life as it’s not an ethical practice. I don’t use readings to diagnose medical conditions.

My Tarot Videos:

My readings are based on Jungian archetypes and analysis. It’s not possible to foresee the future because every action we take will change the outcome. Reflection through Tarot allows for to view the possible future shaped by one’s own thought process and not by some outside source. Seeing the possible outcomes to your thoughts and actions can help you right relationships with self and others before running into difficult consequences. Tarot is an excellent medicinal tool for self discovery.

I have 20 years of experience reading and teaching Tarot.

There is $5 booking fee to hold your appointment. After that, you can pay what you can via the tips section at checkout.

Book A Reading
Choose from any of the readings below. You’ll be able to specifiy on the appointment booking page.


A simple reading that gives insight on:

  • What to let go of.
  • What to accept.
  • A lesson to take with you or something to remember.


The medicine wheel reading is a more in-depth reading that gives insight on different areas of your life (Spiritual, emotional, physical, wisdom, Self.). You will learn where you’re stuck and also receive validation regarding things that are going well. Reflect on how you’re moving along your life path and the wheel.


When you feel scattered, meh or thirsty for life it’s time to sing over the bones! This reading helps you to figure out what to let die, what to bring back and how to bring it back. You’ll also discover what the process of “singing over the bones” will bring to your soul.


This reading gets at the root of what triggers you, your insecurities and traumas. In the process of rooting out what hooks you, often additional questions come up. The truth in these readings can be tough to hear but it might be just the thing you need to get out of your own way.


A simple reading that helps invite more self- compassion into your life. How can you have more compassion for yourself?

  • What to let go of so you can love yourself.
  • What to accept about yourself.
  • A lesson to take with you or something to remember.

Tarot tells us the truths we dare not tell ourselves.