Death Doula Services

Clients may choose from any services offered.


Respite Care

I help put together care schedules, update families, light house keeping and food prep, errand running. This gives primary caregivers a rest and provides support for individuals who don’t have a support system.

Vigil Planning & Sitting

Sitting vigil as death approaches aims to provide comfort in life’s final moments. I help organize visits so the transitioning individual, family and friends are not overwhelmed. I’m available to answer questions about the dying process, including home funerals.

Advanced Care Planning

It’s never too late to make a plan! Putting plans in place so that your medical wishes are honored if you are unable to speak for yourself. Legal requirements differ in each state.

Funeral Planning

I help to organize your final disposition wishes so that they will be honored. If a loved one has died and you feel overwhelmed, I can guide you through the funeral planning process. I am not associated with a funeral home and therefore, I make no income from funeral merchandise. I’m available upon request to be present during the funeral for additional support.

Cremation Art

I create custom abstract art on canvas with acrylic paint and cremains ( both human and furry family members). I capture your loved ones personality with color, texture and movement. The piece becomes a keepsake to honor your loved one.

Grief Care

I offer Grief Care Services for a year and one day after the death of a loved one.

Memorial Planning & Services

I can help you plan memorial services for your loved one or to organize your own so that your wishes are honored. I’m available upon request to be present during the service for additional support.


Reiki is a technique that can help with reduction in stress, promoting the relaxation response in the body. This helps to promote calm and wellness. Helpful for care givers needing a break or recharge or for people in transition. A popular therapeutic tool in hospitals today! Reiki translates to “Universal Life Energy.” My certification is from the Maryland Center for Reiki Training.

Other Services

Clinical Musician Services

Live bedside music in home, hospital and nursing facilities can aid in pain reduction, stress reduction for all present. Beside music can be soothing during vigils and at the moment of death. Doula clients may add these services.

Medicine Woman Services

I offer various healing practices such as home blessings, energy clearing, tarot card readings, dream interpretation guide, etc. Doula clients may add these services.