Tarot Readings & Lessons

Tarot Readings/ Coaching

Your first reading is free.

Tarot coaching (reading) helps you get unstuck and meet your goals through the tarot cards! All sessions are confidential. I’m happy to read for all ages (under 18 with parent permission). Children’s readings are provided with decks made for children (developmentally appropriate art themes).

At this time live readings (zoom, in-person) are available only to well established, returning clients and tarot students. For new clients; readings are audio recorded and emailed along with photos of the cards.

Am I the Reader for You?

Scroll down to see my views on Tarot.

How readings work

I do not hold live or in-person readings for new clients. Only well established and return clients are invited for live readings. New clients will have their readings audio recorded (mp3) and emailed along with pictures of the cards. I prefer to “blind” read clients for first readings so you know your reading is accurate and I’m not making assumptions based on your appearance or body language. If you’re a little skeptical request a reading anonymously (see the request form for details.)

The first reading is free and will be sent 12-24 hours after your request is received (see business hours below). For return readings, your reading will be sent 12-24 hours after payment is received (Invoices are emailed). No refunds for readings after they are completed and emailed. Due to volume of readings I don’t store your readings. If you’d like to keep a copy you will need to download the files from the email. Request a tarot reading by completing the form below.

Why Audio Recorded Readings?

Offering audio recorded readings allows you to be fully present during the reading, rather than missing important messages while trying to take notes. You can also return to the reading many times – some of what comes up in a reading might not make sense until days after a reading. You might have not been in the right mindset or just not ready to fully open to the possibilities. Audio recorded readings allow maximum schedule flexibility so that I can get a reading to you in under 24 hours (minus weekends-see business hours below). For ASMR fans, your audio recorded readings can also turn into a relaxing experience!

Business hours: Reading requests submitted Monday-Thursday 8am to 6:30pm (eastern time) are sent 12-24 hours after payment received. I will do my best to complete friday requests by the end if the day, however due to volume they may not be completed until monday. I don’t take emails on the weekends, so these readings will be sent Monday.

Tarot Lessons

Your first private lesson is free.

My Tarot journey began in 2001 and in 2010 I began guiding others through their own tarot journey and spiritual development.

Tarot lessons are offered in private or self -paced pre-recorded video formats. Private lessons are held via ZOOM or in-person. While Vimeo allows you to purchase individual, pre-recorded video classes.

Students who enroll in regular, weekly private lessons recieve a small tuition discount. No refunds for lessons canceled by students; however, you may reschedule the lesson once.

Tarot lessons for children ages 5+ are available. Children will need a tarot deck that is developmentally appropriate. Get in touch for more details.

Materials needed:

  • Tarot Deck Rider -Waite Smith based Deck
  • Good internet connection for ZOOM (sick days and snow days), FaceTime or phone.
  • Notebook or other note taking method

Online, Self-paced Classes

You can purchase/rent my online video classes through vimeo! These are pre-recored classes can move at your own pace! Follow me on facebook and Instagram for notification of newly posted classes.

Tarot Tea Parties

You provide the tea and I provide the Tarot! Choose mini readings for each guest or a group tarot lesson. Parties run 1-2 hours depending on the number of guests. 2-8 guests per party. Available for adults & children. Miniature tarot decks provided for use during in-person events. Parties can be held in private homes, ZOOM, libraries, tea rooms, social halls etc. No refunds for parties canceled by the host. Payment due at the time of booking. Cost is $60 plus $33 per person.

Referral Program

Refer a loved one for a lesson or reading. When they return for a paid session; you get a free reading, lesson or discount when booking a Tarot Tea Party!

My Views on Tarot

Tarot is an excellent medicinal tool for self discovery healing grief, trauma and relationships. Tarot can help organize your goals and help you make difficult decisions.

I began reading tarot in 2001 and started teaching in 2010. I think it’s important to use knowledge of the cards and the Tarot system in addition to intuition.

I will tell you what the cards say, what my guides say and sometimes it’s not going to be what you want to hear. However, my intention is to deliver messages gently, honestly and with the intention to heal and empower.

Do you think the cards themselves have magical powers ? No. I think it’s the person reading the cards who’s the medium, fluent in the language of spirit, symbology and archetypes and can translate the message.

Can you predict the future? I think tarot is a tool that can help us to see the possible future. I’m not sure we can foresee the exact future because every action we take will change the outcome. Reflection through Tarot allows us to view the possible future. Seeing the possible outcomes to your thoughts and actions can help you right relationships with self and others before running into difficult consequences.

Events & Workshops

Stay up to date on my upcoming events and workshops: Following me on Instagram and liking the Facebook page. Find free content, deck flip throughs and my monthly Tea & Tarot videos on YouTube-don’t forget to like, subscribe, share and ring the bell!

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