Tarot Classes & Lessons

Learn how to read Tarot!

I offer Group classes, private lessons & Workshops.

Yes, it’s possible to learn tarot on your own. However, having a teacher can help you stay disciplined in your practice. Also, working with a teacher means that you have access to a tarot community- other students who are on this journey with you and who you can practice your reading skills on!

I have 18 years of experience reading and teaching Tarot. I have taught classes in both group and individual formats.

My Views on Tarot

Tarot is an excellent medicinal tool for self discovery.

I think it’s important to use knowledge of the cards and the Tarot system in addition to intuition.

I’m not sure it’s entirely possible to foresee the future with the cards because every action we take will change the outcome. However, I do know that some individuals are highly perceptive and sensitive. So, intuitive hits that come through during a reading should be considered!

I think reflection through Tarot allows us to view the possible future shaped by one’s own thought process and not by some outside source. By seeing the possible outcomes to your thoughts and actions, you can right relationships with self and others before running into difficult and painful consequences!

Get a free lesson!

  • After you enroll, refer a friend. If they enroll you will receive an additional private lesson for free!


  • In- person lessons are held in my home office/studio.
    • Due to social distancing guidelines a maximum of 4 students can be enrolled in my in-person group classes.
    • Proof of COVID vaccination & Masks required for in-person classes.
  • Lessons can also be held via ZOOM or FaceTime
  • Self paced, pre-recorded classes are available through my Facebook page.

Payment Method & Policies

  • Square, Check/cash (in-person only)
  • No refunds or credits for missed lessons.
  • Lessons canceled with notice may be re-scheduled at instructors discretion.


  • Tarot Deck Rider -Waite Smith based Deck
  • Good internet connection for ZOOM (sick days and snow days), FaceTime or phone.
  • Notebook or other note taking method.

Private Lessons

Email to schedule lessons. Or call/text 443.789.1648

Lessons are held via Zoom, FaceTime or in-person with a mask and proof of Covid vaccination.


  • Monthly subscription:
    • $120/month (30 minute lessons).
    • $165/month (45 minute lessons).
    • $240/month (60 minute lessons).
    • Lessons held at the same day/time each week with the exception of studio closings due to breaks/holidays.
  • One-time lesson:
    • A chance to try lessons without a commitment.
    • $65/60 minutes
    • $50/45 minutes
    • $35/30 minutes
    • Tuition due at time of booking.

Online Self-paced classes

  • Click the link and ask to join the Facebook group.
  • Use the link in the “about section” of the group to make a payment via square.
  • Once payment goes through, you will be added to the group and will have access to the video lessons.
  • If you have trouble finding the group or accessing the payment link please email me.

Group Classes, Workshops and Reading Practice Classes

  • Visit my Facebook page to see a list of upcoming classes. If you’re not on Facebook email or call/text for more information.

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