The Pocket Scavenger

Follow me as I work through The Pocket Scavenger by Keri Smith.

I’m completing  this adventure through photography and digital art instead of objects pasted into the book!

How it works: You find scavenger items from a list. Items are then altered. Alterations are chosen based on chance. The book has one alteration listed in each page and you choose one by opening to a random page. This give you a creative challenge!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork produced from my adventure, please contact me via email or through the form below.  Include the title of the piece you’d like to purchase. I will email you the file without watermark after payment is received. You can then have the picture printed and framed. 😀

Cost of each file is $5.55. Square payments accepted. Invoices will be emailed to the address you supply.



Item: Miniature

Alteration: Turn it into an odd character

Story: Do I think that Dumbledore is a odd/weird character? Yep! Did I say being weird is bad? NOPE! I fully embrace my weird self. This weency mouse is from a set of mice, cats and pail of milk given to me by my violin teacher Frank. They belonged to his mother and he passed them along to me when she died. My teacher Frank, reminded me so much of Dumbledore. Older, father like, brilliant, wise, all knowing and kind.

Love Bomb

Item: Found Note

Alteration: Make an explosion

Story: I found this crumpled up no the under the chairs in my teaching studio while sweeping. I thought it was very touching. My guess is that it was a note a sibling wrote to their parent while waiting for the siblings lesson to end. I’m not sure who wrote it or who it was intended for, but it touched my heart. I don’t condone violence in any form, so this was a tough one. So, I opted for a “Love bomb” to shower us with love, light, sparkles, stars and flower power!

Dragon Along

Item: Ticket

Alteration: Drag it along a rough surface

Story: A play on words with the dragon pulling the ticket (turned into a sign) along the rough concrete. The ticket is a stub from my trip to the Galleria dell’ Accademia in Florence, Italy.

For the Love of Elephants

Item: Elephant

Alteration: Add some music? Combine multiple alterations? Add your favorite shape?

Story: It’s been two years since I created this one. I can’t remember if the alteration was just to “add some music” or if it was “combine several alterations” because there are a couple of possibilities. I definitely had fun with this one…The tiny garden gnome in the background was a gift from my baby sister. The Elephant is a tea light candle holder from my mother and the weency Mouse was a gift from a violin teacher. This could also be “add your favorite shape” which is a star, which we see in the mouses sun glasses.

Eye Am The Universe

Item: On your body

Alteration: Turn it into something else

Story: I choose my eye because that’s my favorite part of my body. While trying to think of something to turn it into, I zoomed in and it reminded me of a star or a galaxy.

Magic Carpet

Item: Currency

Alteration: Turn into a magical object

Story: Leftover currency from a trip. Naturally, a magic carpet was the obvious choice with the shape and interesting colors/patterns.

Bottom of my shoe

Item: Bottom of a shoe

Alteration: Add a series of triangles

Story: As soon as I got onto the hard floor, my shoe started making a “clack, clack” sound reminiscent of tap shoes. I took a look and to my surprise, I found my missing MHTP pin! Glad it didn’t find its way into my foot! My shoe pattern already had triangles, so this was an easy and synchronistic alteration. However, I added a little extra? Do you see a special symbol that some of the triangles make?

Feline Gifts

Item: Something left behind by an animal

Alteration: Add some text

Story: Meet, Peep Mouse. This is my cat, Sybil’s favorite toy. We have an on going game with Peep Mouse. She likes to hide it around the house, or bring it to me as a gift. I often find in in my bed, on the sofa and some other truly odd places. I find it and put it back in her bed, then she relocates it. Sometimes, I know she’s in the process of hiding it because she yowls at Peep Mouse as part of the process; prompting me to come and play with her. Other times she hides it in stealth mode and it’s just a surprise when I find it. Peep Mouse has seen better days. From time to time I do some maintenance work to keep him in tip top shape!

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