Witch School

Rats… another summer and you still haven’t received your Hogwarts letter?

Have no fear, Witch School is here! Learn the basics of the craft with Glenda, The Good Witch of Westminster. Children are also welcome to study-parents are always more than welcome to sit in on the lessons.

Classes are offered in-person. Zoom is an option for some classes but is not ideal. Private lessons allow you to learn at your own pace and study more in depth. Small groups are welcome—share the private lesson time with family & friends to reduce cost per person.

I believe that anyone who calls themselves is a Witch, is a witch! Witch School is Non-denominational and does not promote a certain religion or GOD/GODDESS. While the school provides community, it is not a coven. Our focus is on learning the skills used in the craft. All backgrounds and religions are welcome. The information is provided is how I practice and I am happy to guide others on their own paths, provided that path doesn’t violate my ethics. I don’t practice the Wiccan religion nor do I consider myself as “new age.”

Please see the current class offerings below. It’s recommended to start with Defense Against the Dark Arts. Not sure what order to take classes in? Check out my suggestions here!

Feel free to suggest a class/topic.

Class Offerings

Defense Against the Dark Arts

I recommend starting here. It’s important that when crafting, you first know the ethics if crafting and how to protect yourself and your energy. Spells often fall flat-when one hasn’t studied basic energy techniques!

Ethics of witchcraft, Ground, center, earthing, meditation, shielding, raising energy, chakra balancing, crafting a inner safe space, chord cutting, energy vampires, visualization, sensing energy, and Aura’s, reiki.

Format: in-person, Zoom possible but not ideal

History of Magic: What is a Witch?

This is a FREE self-study class. I’ve comprised a list of videos and resources for you to explore history of witchcraft, including times of persecution, lifestyles of modern witches to answer “what does it mean to be a witch?”


Study the basics of herbs used in crafting. Medicinal and magical properties of herbs, tools used in herb crafting, how to plan an herb garden, harvesting, drying herbs, care of plants. Essential oil safety. Building your apothecary, Eco friendly garden methods. The theory and study of individual herbs. Putting this knowledge into practice occurs in the potions and charms classes.

Format: In-person, zoom possible but not ideal


Study the properties of the most commonly used crystals in crafting. Learn how to choose, identify, cleanse and charge crystals.

Format: in-person, zoom possible but not ideal

Moon Cycles

Learn how to live in tune with the cycles of the moon. Understand how phases of the moon impact spells, crafting and magical work.

Format: ZOOM, In-person


An introduction to developing psychic abilities and strengthening your Claires. Learn the basics of Tarot, pendulum, spirit boards, scrying, crystal balls, tea leaf reading and dream interpretation. You may choose which tools you’d like to explore. Further in-depth study of a specific divination tool is possible.

Format: in-person, Zoom possible but not ideal


Potions & Kitchen Witchery. Put your knowledge of herbs to use! Learn to craft teas and recipes for healing and magical work. Explore plant allies and their medicinal/healing effects first hand. Because recipes are seasonal, it’s recommended this class to be taken once per season.



Use herbs, crystals & essential oils to create charms & amulets for protection, abundance, love, etc.

PREREQUISITES: Herbology & Crystals

Format: In-person, zoom possible but not ideal

Creating Sacred Spaces

Learn how to create a sacred space, cast a circle, create an alter, clear & bless a home, gratitude practices and learning about the magical tools used in magic and spell casting (wands, cauldron, etc.)

Format: In-person, zoom possible but not ideal

Spell casting

Learn how to cast basic spells, what exactly is a spell and what can they do for us?

PREREQUISITES: DATDA, Herbology, Crystals, Moon Cycles, Creating Sacred Spaces

Format: In-person, zoom possible but not ideal

Magical Art

Using watercolor, create art that is charged with magic! Combining Spell casting and charms with art. Learn theory of color and basic water color technique.

Format: in-person

Wheel of the Year

What are the holidays Witches observe? Learn to live with the natural cycles and rhythms of Mother Earth. A study on the holidays and celebrations that mark the change of seasons. The holidays covered in this class are based in Celtic tradition.

Format: Zoom, in-person

Muggle Music

Learn violin through the Suzuki Method. Ages 3+

Magic Music

Learn the magical healing properties of music. Craft healing through music and sound. Musical meditation. Instruments explored, violin, singing bowls, piano, mountain dulcimer, kalimba, drums, both experienced musicians and non musicians welcome!

Format: in-person

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